Gratitude List:

Understaffed at work but managed to close on time.
A best friend’s family will be immigrating to Canada soon.
Some true love snapshot from five years ago showed up on my Facebook timeline.
The brokenhearted girl in the picture was courageous, and I am proud of her.
She was me.
Customers were glad to see me at work today, especially Grand Ma Bernadette.
Grand Ma Bernadette got into a terrible accident recently but she remains positive and still wears a smile on her purple and wounded face.
Friends who don’t tire of me when I repeat myself like a sad and very broken record.
Natasha Bedingfield and her awesome, inspiring songs.
Crush came by the store for snacks and chatted with me for a longer while than usual.
Wisdom tooth wound has stopped bleeding profusely.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
Another day for giving life a better try.