Truth be told, I’ve always been scared to go after my dream. I fear investing real time and money and effort in it and realize that I am no good after all. The idea of failing at it keeps me up at night, leaves me even more scared, and downright distraught. But here is the greater truth, that I shall never want anything else in life than that one thing. It’s time to reply to my fears with action, with hope, with belief that I can. There is that possibility of failure, of course, but I’d fail trying. I’d fail by not turning my back away from my own dreams. I’d fail by doing my best. If in the end I still fail, I will still see myself a winner for shooting for my life’s biggest, shiniest and most elusive star. I will have been incredibly proud of my heart and hands and hopes by then. I will have satisfied my being’s purpose. I will have given my life a fighting chance and with all my might, I will have lived fully.