Lists of Things…

A List of Things I Wore When We Met:

Pink Chucks dirtied at work and school
Ankle socks that didn’t match
Orange Keds cap worn backwards the whole time
My good-old Casio watch
Fitted skinny jeans that were maya blue
A slogan shirt which reads ‘What if don’t want to keep calm’
A light cardigan with royal blue stripes on the sleeves
A Hershel company backpack, from the Hudson’s Bay collection
My thicker, waterproof jacket knotted at my  waist


A List of Things I Wish I Had/Wore When We Met:

Clean cut nails
Shaped brows
My favourite bright red lipstick, the one I always get complimented for
Some mascara for darker, longer and thicker lashes
A cute, summery dress that makes me seem ‘more’ feminine
A nice little handbag to go with my cute, summery dress
My favourite three-inch tall, flesh-coloured wedges
Dior’s Hypnotic Poison
Some real jewelry
A black leather jacket
Sweet smiles
more courage


You’re my kind of ideal, a one-day dream made real. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t see through the entire day the way I did. And you didn’t compose lists about me or our happenstance encounter.