I am Yen, born in 1987, and currently residing in Toronto.

Nil Quills is my writable space intended for mere expression. Forgive me if I share too much. I always attempt to resolve my issues and sort out my feelings by writing or doodling or typing on the keyboard. I also document my life by blogging about memories and feelings and experiences, and umm, people…

Welcome… and linger if you like. =) 


More about me…

I like diversions. I like grueling trips and detours to anywhere. I like walking, even in frigid weather. I like sleeping and not sleeping; both get the clock ticking amazingly. I like discovering new chains in nearby blocks. I like singing when I should be shouting. I like imitating dances as if my body can groove at all. I like being surrounded by people who celebrate birthdays and by people who celebrate everyday life. I like grocery shopping, especially in dollar stores. I like my phone and the music it has stored. I like my comforter and that noisy bed. I like coffee and hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and brownies and cream puffs or whatever keeps my endorphin levels high. I like the sound of the keyboard with each press and I like how a string of letters form words, and words form phrases, and phrases form sentences, and sentences form thoughts that eventually also form, me. I like this simple, ordinary life. I will want more things but for now, I like me like this.


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