Free coffee spilled on the table. People saw and no one bothered to come over and ask if I needed a hand or if I were okay.

Bought beef shawarma from a food truck. The vendor called me out as the “alone” person in a crowd of many hungry students.

Circled four floors of study space to find a desk and a chair and get lost in the things I am hard pressed on finishing today. Thirty minutes of going around and nothing; then found a table, and the coffee mentioned earlier gets spilled. All over my book, and notebook, and pencil cases, and my entire being.

I decided to clean up the mess and go buy coffee again. Walked blocks, t’was too cold out, misty and all, was kind of drenched, but new coffee was bought.

Went back to the library. Finally found a decent desk and chair. But the guy adjacent to me smelled like it’s his business to deliver me a headache.

Yup, the winds were very strong today in Toronto. I am merely trying my damned best to keep my feet planted on the ground, unshaken, though I feel like just flying off with the Fall-coloured leaves to God knows where.

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