Hi, this is Yen from the future.

I know you are feeling terrible right now. It seems as though nothing is working out. But I want to reassure you that this phase—of difficulty, of challenges, of honing—will pay off.

Don’t quit now. Don’t succumb to the pull of desperation. Don’t crawl back that pit of gloom you once hid into. Don’t believe this is all your life will ever amount to.

For now, focus on the things that have worked. Divert your attention to what remains good and beautiful and genuine to you. Retrace your steps and determine where improvements are necessary. Be secure that your misgivings are actually opportunities for future successes.

Yen of today, cry if you must.
Yen of today, shout if you need to.
Yen of today, I believe in you.

I don’t think you realize how far you’ve come. I think you often berate and belittle your wins, little or insignificant as they may seem in the grand of scheme of things. Breathe deep and find your calm. You’ve always been about seeking balance, igniting hope and working hard. Hang on to these things; keep them in your pocket like tokens or amulets during difficult days.

There is a lot to be done for today and tomorrow. You’d be overwhelmed. You’d feel a million feelings, even more than you do now.  But carry on! Because there is no other way if you want a future that you can love and live for. You are exhausted, I know, and hush darling. But you are not done. You can’t possibly be; for in order to meet me, you can’t throw your life away today.

Yen, remember who you are. So much more awaits, but only if you believe there is more to you than your past.

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