Tu me manques. πŸŒ™

When you miss someone, write about it. Write about it like your mouth could ever dare speak it. Speak it because emotions bottled up never makes anything right. Right now control your thoughts. Thoughts shift and change and are fleeting. Fleeting is how feelings work. Work on finding some release, some escape, for the itch in your soul to go away. Away is sometimes better than going toward. Toward a future that never showed any hope. Hope in your capacity to withstand. Withstand not saying “hi” or simply dropping by a person’s profile. Profile the people in your life. Life is all about who stays and who goes and who are always just ebbing by. By sheer luck, you will have successfully distracted yourself from saying “i miss you”. You are worthy of being told it first. First when you always go last. Last, hang in there. There is always someone else somewhere. Somewhere you are one day going to settle into. Into a person’s arms and body and soul and heart and mind and you won’t have to worry about killing the idea of stopping yourself from saying “i miss you” first, again, or always. Always believe that you will find love. Love will find you. You are missed though no one tells you. πŸŒ™

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