Happy List

Here goes.

1. Found new friends in school and I actually get to hang out with them a little.
2. Grandpa Zia and I are maintaining communication and will go for dinner within the week.
3. My brother isn’t getting headaches as intense as before.
4. I have a very good confidante in Crisnelle Tan.
5. I’ve been writing more recently. Short sentences, here and there.
6. I have supportive managers at work.
7. I feel more interested in Linguistics now than when I started.
8. Winter is 50% over.
9. My parents are alive and healthy.
10. My sister has a loving husband.
11. John Mayer concert ticket.
12. Crying in the bathroom helped me get a handle on things that are currently overwhelming me.
13. Will have more time for studying this week.
14. Will make it; will recover.
15. Trump isn’t as all-powerful as he thinks he is.
16. Will get back to running again; this time, with a friend.
17. Memories that return remain memories.

There. I can sleep now and hope for better things. Only better things.

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