Grand Pa

I have so many things to be grateful for today. I guess the simplest and the sweetest one among them is receiving a box of cookies from a customer.

I have this habit of calling elderly customers Grand Pa or Grand Ma. Today, I greeted one Grand Pa and asked how he was. He said he’s feeling much better and that he thinks of buying chocolates for kids this halloween. I jokingly said he can have one too for he’s been good. He smiled at me and we parted ways.

I continued with work and did my regular tasks and was surprised to find Grand Pa waiting for me at the front cash. He said he wanted to get me something and handed me a box of cookies. I tried to refuse the gift but he smiled that big smile and I wasn’t able to say no anymore. All I was able to say was ‘thank you’ and he was gone.

I got busy with the next customers and felt horrible for not having thanked him enough. I wish I could have thanked him more, perhaps with a hug. Because really, that’s the sweetest thing. He is the sweetest thing.

Still blows my mind how random people can be so kind. It’s not about the chocolates really. It’s the genuine act of giving that I feel so grateful for. I wish to someday be as generous and kind and warm. The world just seems more wonderful in this kind of light.

Thank you, Grand Pa.


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