I am the kind of girl who hangs out in random places. I am the type who eats in restaurants alone and frequents a cinema by herself. I am someone who speaks to everyone, especially interesting strangers. I spend time cloud-watching, stargazing, and dreaming with the moon. I chase seconds, squabble with minutes, and haggle with hours in order to trap time and savour memories and keep people. I always feel too much—way much than an average INFJ or Libran. I am almost convinced that many people cohabit my fragile body. I get lost in books and songs and people’s eyes. I try my damned best in all my tries. I speak the barest of truths and could hardly lie. I get mad like a mad person would. I love like there is nothing left to do but that. I hurt like there are fragments in the air that could kill me yet I choose to breathe. I get attached to places and things and people and could never fully let go. Which is why I hope your entering my life means more than just another closed door in a heart with no room left for more transient tenants. Which is why I am introducing myself now so nothing gets hidden at the onset. Which is why you can’t blame me if I metamorphose into someone unfamiliar. So you can’t assume I will stay the same. So you know you have to love me and honor me and stand by me and grow with me through all my faces, spaces and phases. So you can decide if all that I am telling now is impossible for you to handle, allowing you the chance to step back and turn away, if you must. So we don’t waste our breaths typing hello’s and how are you’s and what were you up to’s after a long workday. So you get the idea that I wish you could tell me the important things about you too. Your dreams, your goals, your little fears, your “real”. Because in this world of Tinder hook-ups and Facebook Likes, I genuinely, genuinely pray for someone prepared to meet me, know me, and see past my soul or the things I think I know.

(Introductions, Yen’s Weather Report)

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