Things ended badly and maybe in your head you keep going over all the steps and wrong turns which led you to this moment of dismal truth. You must have rewinded all the good parts and sighed your way out of the bad ones. You must think of yourself stupid for always making the kind of mistakes most rational people won’t. You must think of yourself unlucky and cursed and dumb and…hapless. I wanna say I understand where you are coming from, we grew up together after all. I get your pains, your insecurities, your delusions. I wanna tap your back and claim you’d be okay. I wanna point out that although this appears to be the biggest mess you’ve been in, you’ve gotten over many terrible ones too in the past and that counts for something. I wanna remind you that even if everything sucks right now, everything comes to an end and everything starts again. Maybe things begin and conclude not in the way you’d hope, maybe not in the way you’d imagine, maybe not in the way you think you deserve. But all will be well. You will be well. Just do the best you can to live and move forward with little steps. Crawl, bleed and toil if you must. Just continue living. You can only count on one person to help you make it through all this shit and he stands broken at the moment. But he can be victorious, if you’d wield him to be. Never forget, you were once a hero to me too. This time, be your hero.
(Hero, Yen’s Weather Report, September 1 2015)

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