Sweet Eyes

Hi, Sweet Eyes.

Thanks for saying you will meet me. Thanks for looking at me with kindness despite the gloom I casted upon your heart in the past. Thanks for being your selfless, forgiving self.

Sweet Eyes, I may not know the entire story but I am certain you are hurting. ‘Cause despite all that you have given—your all, to be exact—you weren’t able to keep the one you love. He still decided to leave. He still chose to let you go. He still stays around as if his presence doesn’t, in any way, pain your soul.

Sweet Eyes, I am sorry. For everything. I know I am not responsible for the collapse that ensued, but for the parts that I played, I’m truly sorry. I wish I had been a better character in the past. I wish I had been a better, older, knowing person. I wish I could have saved you instead from the same kind of heartbreak that tore me to bits and pieces.

Sweet Eyes, I will live to tell the tale that I had hurt you, no matter how small a cut it had been to your being. Because Sweet Eyes you deserved none of it. Once, a friend told me that in love, you either do the hurting or be the one who gets hurt. I believe this happens and is commonplace but it is no excuse for my horrible, horrible behaviour then. For a while, I was riding on the victim card, for I was hurt by other people too. Made myself believe that  I shouldn’t feel *too guilty* for causing hurt to someone else. That maybe, causing you pain canceled some other thing in history and all became fair.  Stupid, I know. And plain excuses…

Sorry, Sweet Eyes. I was desperate years back. I kept holding on to things unreal; to things that were there, even in passing; because I was slipping away. Because someone else slipped away.

Sorry, Sweet Eyes, please keep that beautiful twinkle in your eyes.

Only you can bring that shine into the world, even if tears cloud your vision right now. Go ahead and cry, Sweet Eyes. Them tears cleanse you from the inside out. Them tears bless the earth you revolve in. Them tears make a kaleidoscope out of a life that may have been temporarily devoid of colours, and of life itself…  You still are who you are, Sweet Eyes, without him.

Sweet Eyes, please know that from a far off corner I wish you well. I pray for your heart to heal. And you will, in due time. Life promises that, daily. Especially for you, Sweet Eyes. You are in the process of unfolding a tapestry so rich, so textured, so unique. Your gentle soul will soon be mended, parts sewed on and stitched, nothing awash, nothing amiss, like a marvellous mosaic loving fingers and hands crafted delicately. By and with your own hardworking, passionate hands.

So Sweet Eyes, wear your tears and continue to twinkle. You are lovely, in all your stages and shifts and starts and scars.

‘Til the day we meet in person, virtual hug, sweet, Sweet Eyes.


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