Leap Year

I have never really given leap years much thought before but this year, I noticed.

There are many reasons why I noticed.

First off, I recently became an administrator of a Facebook group—something I never, ever thought I would ever make of myself. Because it is hard, because most times I think I’m boring and incapable, and because I always mess up my schedule. How can I even afford to squeeze in more idle time in my already screwed up time concept? But I did, and it’s exciting. What’s even more exciting is there are people who have openly admitted that they are excited about our group as well. I think we are up for some magic with this group. We’ll see…

Secondly, I found books that were sold out in Indigo for months and I literally got the last copies. I hardly shop online because I like the process of doing tedious things sometimes, like book shopping. Made me realize again how timing is crucial to life; how timing is almost always, everything there is to life.

I also attended a Derm school training by myself today. And it was for a brand I truly believe works (in case you’re wondering, it’s Strivectin). Food was great, made new friends, training was helpful and comprehensive, and the most amazing part is, I found out that the brand representative for Toronto is a Filipina. I hardly meet Filipinos in these trainings and my heart swelled with pride knowing that my fellow Filipino is doing very, very well in the beauty industry. In my weird head I kept thinking, maybe I’ll make it too.

Moreover, I was asked to participate in a survey for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The survey was generally about my experience as an immigrant and the services I have received from the government and its agencies. The thing is, this survey almost brought me to tears. Because it made me look back on my first two years as an immigrant and it was neither pretty nor easy. It was so beyond what I expected from my concept of “greener pastures”. Because I realized, finally, that I want to stay in Canada, more or less, for good. Yup, I said it; it’s real.

Lastly, my friend’s mom died today. Technically she died March 1 in the Philippines but it’s still February 29 (in Toronto, Canada) when I heard of it. My friend’s mother’s case was a complete puzzle. Her mother was healthy until she wasn’t; it was like her health changed with a mere snap of a finger. Doctors weren’t able to pinpoint what it was exactly that caused her illness. She underwent surgery but there must have been other complications which didn’t improve her chances of recovering. I mean, my friend lost her mother today. Her father lost a wife. Their family is forever changed because today happened.

This leap year has been a huge one for me, and the people around me. I’m just grateful to have experienced this day despite the highs and the lows. I’m just glad to have time, some more time, a little time, to feel how it is to be alive and human and truly living in this world.

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