Currently I own the following:

A pot of basil and a pot of thyme
A few dried herbs categorized properly
A cast iron skillet, newly re-seasoned, BTW
A set of genuine bamboo chopsticks
A mini cupcake stand
An HTC One phone that is two and half years old and is near death
A Macbook bought as a remembrance of my second anniversary in Canada
A pair of Asics Gel Kinsei 5 running shoes
A Nikon D3200 DSLR with an extra battery pack and a separate wifi connector
A cute yellow Herschel bag
A make-up stash, a set of brushes, and a make-up bag
Some calligraphy nibs and many markers
Some good books
An unworn bikini
A really nice winter coat in red, my colour, of course
A cute coffee tumbler which says “You are boss”
A few pairs of active wear, two dumbbells, a kettle-ball and a mat
A bike helmet
Three wrist watches (two of which were gifted)
Some Swarovski jewelry pieces
A black windbreaker
A bottle of an “expensive” fragrance
A mason jar
A good knife and a wickedly sharp can opener


You must wonder why I even bother making this list. I do not intend to boast and offend anyone. My list is obviously short and wouldn’t compare to most people’s.

I do this, in attempt to sift through what I still have when I feel like I don’t have anything or enough. Sometimes it feels as though all I do is work and go nowhere. No travels, no savings, no funds. I also don’t have that many friends and I don’t have my dream job (yet). See, it’s too easy to mention what I don’t have while it takes more effort to recognize what I do own. I didn’t want to put abstract things on the list because as much as they are more important in life, I needed to feel and know that I am achieving some concrete and tangible things too.

Doing this may seem immature for others but this simple method comforts me. I want to believe that through these little possessions, my hard work is starting to pay off and that I am in the right direction. For now, in absence of the many things I truly want to account for, like meaningful relationships, memories and dreams happening, I will keep listing like this, hoping to fill the voids in my very soul.

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