Rookie Mistakes

I’ve been having a really tough week in retail. Working closely with people and money will always be challenging but the past week has been very difficult. I’ve made several rookie mistakes that even I can’t wrap my head around. I have long known the rules and have long played well under them but lately, I am crumbling against the stress and demands of a customer service job. I have made refund and cash mistakes, including accepting counterfeit money. I can barely go through a shift with the same cheerfulness and agility I used to have. Maybe I’m tired, maybe it’s time to move on, maybe I shouldn’t be staying where I am at anymore. I dunno. I just really hope for a better  work week ahead because truth be told, I thought I was doing so well prior to this week. Funny how the things we do right pale next to our mistakes. I don’t want to ever think of Christmas as an employee of a retail store. It’s all too crazy and sad and disappointing. I mean, people buy all these expensive things but can’t afford to be extra nice to a minimum wage employee. Sigh.

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