You were at the mall one day and you saw that one extraordinary item that you know you have to get in order to feel happier and complete. Unfortunately, this piece of item isn’t readily available. It is either out of stock, in the wrong colour or too expensive for you at the moment. You’ve decided to save for it and patiently and diligently watch it move on and off the display shelf. You have invested time and effort and are prepared to spend everything you have in order to get it. In your heart you are certain you deserve this item and that you will want nothing else after getting it.

But fate plays tricks on you. New stocks arrive but in the wrong colours and sizes; prices go down but stocks are very limited; and when you can almost have it, someone beats you to it. Timing always seems off and you are getting more and more frustrated each waking day. You begin to doubt yourself. Perhaps this thing was never really meant for you. Perhaps you thought wrong about its value. Perhaps you have to settle for a similar item. Perhaps you have to recalibrate your expectations and tastes to meet what’s present. Perhaps nothing good will ever come out of your efforts. Perhaps you have every reason to give up on this extraordinary thing. Perhaps you’ve done enough.

But you know what? You will always be right no matter what you think. The choice is always yours. You can visit other shops for something else. You can believe this item was never destined for you. You can continue patiently waiting for it to be available and right for you.

The only real measure is what your heart can handle and what you are willing to sacrifice to mend it whole again.

P.S. Remember, once you decide to stop pursuing this, you may never stumble upon anything like it ever again. Just be prepared to deal with this simple, unavoidable truth.

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