While You Are Falling

Hi there C!

From where I stand, I see how happy you are, how delightful this new stage is, how mesmerized and/or consumed you are of this phase. You know I am happy for you. You know I want this for you. You know I have been praying with you. And she’s finally here now, the answered prayer.

But, please guard your heart. Continue to let Christ drive this season for you. Only with Him will there be a safe balance amid all the changes coming your way.

I’m saying this to you because I care for you. I am saying this to you because I want you to succeed. I’m saying this because you deserve all the best in life. I don’t want you broken in shambles because love overwhelmed you.

Don’t skip work. Don’t give up sleep. Don’t over-compensate for things and qualities that you think you lack and she deserves to get. The best option for you is to remain true to the man that you are and your intentions.

And I’m telling you, she will see you and love you back.

You are among the nicest men I have met. Your genuine character, your humility, your caring persona, your unique awkwardness speak volumes. There is no doubt in my mind that any girl would be lucky, more so blessed, to have you.

So take heart and be courageous. Be the man that you are and forget the man that you were, dear friend. And while you are falling, fall without fear. Fall at your pace. Allow gravity to take its due course. Trust that at this stage, I have you in my prayers.  And I’ll be here to be your friend if ever this chance goes south.

It won’t, but just in case, know you have me to catch your back, despite these miles we have apart.

Your sister and friend,


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