A random person took my photo today. I didn’t get to see the picture but in my heart, I feel comforted that someone took interest in having my photo taken. I mean, there are billions of people in the world and there are billions of stories waiting to be told through lenses. Was it joy he saw in me? Was it hope? Was it strangeness? Was it some form of goodness? I hope, so. I wish so. I want to believe he had some reason. That I wasn’t but a random, baseless subject. For there is always something about subjects and pictures that  speak about our views of the world. And there are always nuances between how we see ourselves and how others see us. And given a chance, I would love to discuss our thoughts on the disparities one photo makes. In the end, I’m certain that both our views would be valid. And that our truths will only be made beautiful by a captured second.  -🇾🇪🇳🌻

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