This week has been exhausting but all the more rewarding. It’s the first time I have worked one full week at our store and thank goodness, managed doing everything right. I’ve also received a plenty of raves, from my co-workers and our customers. I was very touched when my co-workers told me they love having me around. Moreover, many customers commented on how happy I seemed in doing my job. One person even assumed I were on crack given how cheerful I was. He then ended our short encounter by concluding that the world needs more people who love their job the way I do. Another customer told me to keep happy and retain my smile. I just feel very fulfilled beyond each hard-earned cent I have made within the week. Perhaps I have finally learned to accept the changes that had to happen in my life. Perhaps I have learned to let go of my pride. Perhaps I have gotten past starting over again. I feel like I have conquered a lot, though they’re but little hurdles in the grand scheme of things. I feel blessed and I want to thank the Lord for keeping me brave and industrious and sane and now, happy. 

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