Just Listing

Growing up, my mom and dad always did the cooking while us, kids, did the eating. They were very good and very efficient at it that I never felt the need to learn how to cook. I was very happy and content being fed. But there comes a time in a person’s life when one wants to feel more independent and less of a leech, I guess. Funny and embarrassing but I only came to that point at the age of 26.  Finally, I feel the need and want to learn how to cook. I have always thought this time would never come for I truly believed I can live on take-outs and restaurant dining and my parents’ food.

So far, I’ve managed to prepare edible food. And to keep stock, I’m writing this list:

Chicken congee
Beef Tapa
Chicken Adobo
Bicol Express
Creamy Carbonara
Pasta Agio Olio
Burger Steak/Salisbury Steak
Baked Cheesy Potatoes With Bacon
Baked Salmon
Beef & Pork Steak
French Toast
Korean Fried Chicken

Very short list and perhaps a shallow post, I know, but I just want to celebrate this moment. I wanna be able to remind myself that my hands are capable of creating something. This something may not be as good as I wish for it to be at the beginning but with practice, more things can be overcome and achieved. By cooking for others, I feel fed on the inside myself. My heart on a platter. =)

To more dishes prepared and cooked.
To more memories in the dining table.
To more of the little things in life that make us grow.
To more of life.

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