A Few Stares

Sleep evades because my head is so full of you. I mean this in the truest sense, all I can think of is you. And the many short conversations we had today. Something about chocolates, and bacon, and work. Unfortunately for me, I always see way more than how the actual scenarios came to be. I saw little tiny sparks of hope floating in mid air. I saw pink rose petals falling from the freaking rainy sky. I saw beauty in those eyes which happen to be yours. Well a few days back, we weren’t in this situation. We being ordinary co-workers; and our situation being nothing but what it was. But then occurred one event which made me, see you. It was the most ordinary of parties, and I was my very usual no-care-about-the-world self. And yet you looked, at me, and we locked eyes for a second or two, three times that night, and why I was also looking at you was haphazard. Believe it or not, I did not know why I caught your glances, was shocked by the mere idea of you intent to find my eyes. Three stares and my head went ballistic, decoding why and what that could mean possibly. A million possibilities but the one my intuition prefers to bank on is this, that you are interested in getting to know me.  All this, a mere assumption and yet sleep evades me. It’s like being made aware, oh so suddenly, that you exist. That you have the ability to paint my world with colors and to dominate my thoughts with the littlest tools necessary. A few stares, some words, some smiles… I’m such a wimp, I know, for desisting rest to have more of you in my thoughts, in my wishes, in my words, in my make-believe little world.

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