Who hasn’t gone astray once or twice in their life? Who hasn’t wandered off? Who has life completely mapped out in a Point A to Point B equation? Linear, straight, and calculable. I’d like to meet that person. I’d be delighted to know how it’s like to live in such a determined fashion. I wouldn’t know, considering the way life has thrown me in all possible directions so far. I have come to believe that nothing can ever be so certain. That I will always end up in a place different from where I began and where I wish to be. That life will always boil down to picking from the options, committing to a path, and letting all go as we move along. Letting go of expectations, letting go of disappointments, letting go of a closed mind. ‘Cause changes will always present themselves and I can change my mind too. That I will be changing amid all these changes and to change in the process of it all isn’t bad. It can’t be helped, for changing clearly embodies what it means to be human and alive. We just are, always, constantly becoming something. Something else, someone else, perhaps someplace else.

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