The truth is, you are not in the best place you can and will ever be. This isn’t the destination you’ve imagined to find yourself in. This is no pinnacle, no high road, no mountain top. This is just one place, one fork in the road, one turning point. The even greater truth is this, that you have gone very far with your scared, traipsing feet. So tread on, dear friend, tread on. The seas aren’t always calm but don’t the waves account for what make them so exciting, so beautiful, so alive? The days aren’t at their warmest but winter has gone and that’s comforting too, right? Your nights may appear heavy and dim and hopeless but are they really? Think back on the little achievements of your day, of your months and the past two years. Dear friend, you have done a lot. Dear friend, don’t underestimate and devalue any of the those things. Don’t forget how you’ve paddled and rowed and conquered strange and foreign seas. Take pride in how much you’ve shed and struggled to climb the hills along your hard path. Savor those bittersweet moments. Dear friend, you are not failing. You’ve been learning, been seeing, been feeling, been living. All differently, yes; but to the full, as well. Ups and downs, highs and lows, pains and victories. Dear friend, remember. Never doubt what you were, who you are, and all that you will be. ‘Cause wherever you find yourself, you’re never lost. You never were. Take even more time to wander. Find more courage along the way. Pick up more values, more lessons, more experiences, more of you. Dear friend, you are fine. You are well on your way. You are the only compass you’ll ever need. Trust that, believe in you. You are the best and only truth you can dare and ever prove.

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