Can’t Sleep

I keep asking myself to go to sleep, to retire for the night, to tuck my monsters away and put my worries aside. Head for the covers. Take comfort in the coolness of that white blanket and the fluffiness of those pillows. Shut them weary eyes. Loosen up, get cozy. Allow the moon and stars to coax you into thinking that the world grants the living rest. That the new day shall be a brand new start. It might be that brandnew start.

Go to sleep, I keep asking myself. 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep…

Sleep, just sleep. Five sheep, seven sheep, six sheep… Dang sheep!

I need to sleep. I am, have been wasting away, aboard a ship that’s only been sinking while I can only blink and stare and attempt normal breathing.

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