On Break

There was that moment when I knew I couldn’t spend my break eating at the pantry, that I had to get away though for a mere ten minutes. There was this heaviness which took upon my chest and made me queasy and sad and lonely. It was your presence which filled the place, decorated the walls, energized the hallway. And the rooms, all of them, have darkened. ‘Cause you are there no longer. And you aren’t coming back. And you aren’t gonna feel the same way I feel about any of this useless madness. Imagine my surprise when this gripping feeling crept up to me ever so quickly. It is unwarranted. It is baseless. It is not expectable. How did you become so prominent in my eyes? How did you penetrate the sturdy walls built around my heart and ego? How will I be able to recover from having nothing to hold on to but a feeling that was never communicated, was never shown, was never there before you left? I guess all this would simply be another case of what could have been. You’d be that fantasy l revisit, over and again, should the concept of romance plague me sometime when.

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