It’s never easy getting back on your toes when you fall. And oftentimes the fall gets repeated numerous times and the hurt just keeps adding up. We get defeated on the inside knowing that despite our best efforts we still fail. Maybe things are just going downhill spiral for you, maybe nothing seems to make sense, maybe you are still lost after all the search for clarity, maybe you still feel worthless having achieved so little of your goals and dreams. Maybe you are too hard on yourself. Don’t forget that even the best trained of athletes and the leaders of nations also make mistakes. We all trip and fall and feel defeated in certain parts of our lives. But what matters is to never give in when you feel like giving up. We can propel ourselves for the better despite the worst of circumstances. Pull yourself up from that rat hole you think you are in. Cause in spite of all the negative running through your worried head, you can. Only if you will.

“Downhill”, February 15 2014

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