Some Park Story

I was listening to Taylor and Ed, daydreaming about finally meeting the love of my life, when you walked by my direction. We smiled because a bevy of doves were feeding on our path and we couldn’t just walk past them. You had brown eyes, way browner and lighter than mine, and your height towered over me the right way. For an instant, holding your gaze had me spinning in circles. The world went wild, the doves were cooing in a peculiar symphony, and it’s as if petals of red roses were pouring down on the warmest earth. Exquisite, lovely feeling!

Only, you didn’t have the same version of the story. I was just some girl, hesitant to step towards a flock of birds, blocking your route. When I finally stepped aside to let you pass, you hurried, away from that horrendous park. Girl meets boy but boy sees not the girl.

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