Seat Mate

To the guy I sat next to the movies with,

Hi there! Home yet? Have you reconciled all the gory images American Sniper drilled on your head? As for me, I still have flashes of it in my mind. I still wanna say “Shit!” in a row. For the record, the word shit isn’t a normal term in my vocabulary. Forgive me for being too brash; it’s the movie rubbing off on me. Like you said, it was too stressful and had me blabbering rubbish. Excuses, excuses!

Anyway, I’m writing to you because I know I may never cross paths with you again or be seated next to you in a movie at all. Not in a movie like that, definitely. Looks like we have both had enough of that sort of stuff. I just wanna let you know how much I enjoyed watching it with you; that I’m glad to have been the substitute to your friend who had to take the seat behind us. I honestly thought you disliked chatty seat mates but you were sparking the conversation during the movie and had it going with the comments too. It was just funny how you pointed out the other sniper’s eyelashes. It was also funny when you asked me if all pregnant tummies look that big and you even told me to never get preggers. You were even funnier when you shouted “holy shit” louder than I did. And how we sighed almost in unison in the worst scenes! Very, very funny.  I even counted how many times you commented that the flick is way too stressful. Four my friend, four! Lastly, what I really liked  the most is that you said good night before you left. I was wishing you would at least wave bye but you said good night.  Weird how I think there’s a difference, eh? You genuinely muttered the words. You did.

The thing is, dear friend, I haven’t gone on a movie date with a guy in a while. And though we didn’t really plan this thing together, we  still ended up being sort of together that way. I felt happy, I felt fine, I felt conversant. We shouldn’t have been talking, that we knew, but couldn’t hush. Perhaps the movie just happened to have been more interesting because of us two. That was a fun version of me you had there, something totally unexpected given the crappy day I just went through.

You must also know I have this penchant for strangers. And that I absolutely enjoy watching films on my own. The weird part is, you didn’t feel like a stranger and that I was incredibly thrilled to have you as company. Even the sound of your mouth nibbling on Skittles and popcorn did not annoy me; on the contrary, it seemed familiar and cute and sweet and the kinda thing I would like to have you do whenever. You seemed very real unlike the imaginary boyfriend I’ve conjured up in my head. For a few hours, I have found the will to truly take interest in a guy. You made me want to get interested again. I don’t know if it’s the dark around us, or the movie itself, or our being strangers to each other that made us both so comfortable, so relaxed, so us.  Whatever it is, I’m grateful to have been allowed to experience that. I’m glad this chance encounter came to be, and to me. Genuinely, I had a good time. I hope in some way or form, we rendezvous again. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure we’d get along. Friends? =)


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  1. Hahahaha… I really don’t know why, pero kinikilig ako.. hahaha nice one Ms.Yen!

    Would it be okay if you make the font a little bigger? My eyes were squinted while reading.. hehehehe. Miss you Ms. Yen.

    I’m feeling grateful to that guy because he somehow made you happy. 🙂

    1. Sorry for the font! =) Thanks bebe love. Funny how nobody believes I’m only imagining things. =) Miss you too Gerald! ^_^

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