Girl In The Mirror

The easier part is done though it’s been painful, though you stood alone and clasped your own hands, to get through it. I see that howling sadness in your eyes and that immense, gripping fear in your heart. If I could, I would smother chocolate all over you ’cause really, what can’t chocolate cure? I would improvise a shower of Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter cups, layer the sheets with Brookside Dark Chocolate Almonds, pepper your sphere with Ferrero Rocher...just the way you like it. And we’d dance like no one’s watching, like no one gives a damn. I’d warm you up with a hot chocolate cup and make sure those little mallows come floating on its frothy top. I’ll make you rainbow doodles and cute animal faces too. We’ll play Blurred Lines or I Got A Feeling or any happy tune. Uptown Funk, your jam? We’ll drown that sorrow, dear friend. We’ll un-complicate the bitter world which you and I gravitate on. We’ll try for everyone says you look better smiling and that a frown has no place in your soul. They mean well, don’t think the comment’s sarcastic. I know what you want; it’s what I want too. You know, that unending joy and happiness. But life isn’t like that. You can’t always smile for everyone; you will, at certain periods, run out of your glee pill. It happens. And it goes, too. I won’t ask you to smile for them, or to pretend you’re okay. But I beg you to indulge in all the pain, crash with all the crap around, and sip chocolate. Take it easy as you transition. Steady your breathing as you cross over. Know where the sad and happy parts collide. Hold them in your heart and treasure each coming and going. Stuff like this makes a person, dear friend. And I am certain you can overcome the shitty things being thrown at you from all sides. Life will get better. Trust your capacity to withstand. Hang in there, love. You have me, that hopeful girl in the mirror, who has total faith in you.

“Girl In The Mirror”, January 22 2014/January 18 2015

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