Meanie Me

I know I have to write about this if I am to get over it. The thing is, I take friendships seriously. I look at friendships as an extension of my life, and I don’t want to have an extension of life that is as toxic as you are. I mean, come on, why do I have to look after you the way you demand me to? Why do I need to provide the things you can’t have for yourself yet? Why do I always need to go out of my way to accommodate you and your demands and your needs? I know life is hard. I know we all have it differently and perhaps to you my life appears less complicated which is why you make sure I get more worries from you. But that’s where you are wrong; I, too, have many struggles which I won’t communicate with everyone and which I have been hesitant in sharing with you for in the past, you weren’t supportive or at the least, empathetic, anyway. I can honestly say that this friendship had gone very awry in many previous occasions. It’s quite a wonder how you don’t see it and that you continue dumping your burdens on me as if all that matters in the world is you. I get it, you have it hard; but I feel abused already! I no longer feel the desire to help out or give or extend myself to you. You are weighing on my shoulders now, affecting my peace and my judgment of right and wrong. I hope you go about life your way without involving me in everything, even the littlest of things. I just can’t anymore; I have nowhere to stretch emotionally and materially. Rely on yourself, strengthen your will, find ways to move forward on your own. I can’t and choose to no longer be there for you. I am choosing to cut you off or else I’d lose my head. Please, leave me be.

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