Pesky Crush

January 08 
If I could go back in time, I’d step on your foot extremely hard so you could look up and shout my name and chase me the whole yard wanting to take revenge and stomp on my little toe too. I would indulge your jokes instead of sitting quietly next to you in Religion and Science and Math. I’d probably bring you snacks like fish balls or fries or something. I’d make sure my hair is neat and brushed despite being seated next to the electric fan the whole school year. I’d probably jot your name on the Noisy List even though you’re always well-behaved, to get more of your attention. I would eagerly sweep the floor, erase the board, or clear out the trash with you on Fridays. I would have worn lip gloss, or painted my nails, if I knew of their importance to girls way earlier. Maybe, I’d even attempt being brave and say your height doesn’t make you look lanky and awkward, and that I really like your eyes. Or better yet, I would have killed that pesky, all-consuming crush which was sincerely mistaken as love, in order to keep you as a friend to this day. Years have passed and funny thing is, I still think of you. You filled my young mind with colors. You made me learn more than subtle stalking and investigative techniques our slam book generation lacked. You first made me hope in the way a woman hopes in a man or should I say, a girl hopes in a boy. Half way across the world, in spite of how different we both look now (I like your meatier physique by the way), I still think of you occasionally. Perhaps I’d always have you in mind, for you were that sort of person in my life, the type who had my little girl’s heart. May life treat you kind. May your dreams come true. May you be blessed. And above all, may you find love that transcends childish stories like this one. All the best. 

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