When I Can’t

If each of us would take the time to write down the things that hound us before we sleep, sleep will definitely evade us for the night. I don’t write down the things that make me feel afraid and worried but they still hound me constantly. I have nights when it takes me hours to court sleep because my heart is troubled, because I feel hopeless, because I see no good and sense in the life I lead. Crying out of frustration, tired and beaten, I only find comfort in the Lord. It is only when I reach out to Him and share with Him my burdens that I get to retire for the night. That I get to face another day. That I get to continue with a smile and some courage in my knees and feet. I am grateful for the Lord, for in spite of all my lapses, inconsistencies, mistakes and sins, He never abandons me. He is the only one who remains, particularly at times when I can’t even stand for myself. Thank you, God. Thank you.

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