Life is Hard.

Life is hard, that we all know for sure. I mean, the bills unpaid, the dreams unachieved, the soul mates unmet, the diseases and depressive states unbeaten, the distances unconquered, the spaces unfilled and haunting, the thoughts uncommunicated, the beings we think we are but couldn’t be. Life is hard, indeed. We can all find stories and words to prove it; we all have things to say on what makes living difficult, and sad, and worthless. But we also have moments, big or small, like a child’s first walk, or that day one learns to drive or swim or cook, or when everyone’s in synch laughing at a joke, or when our dreams have started taking shape, or when we’re alone and know that we aren’t at all lonely… Life is hard. But it’s still very beautiful, still very amazing, still very exciting, still very worth the fight we have in us. 

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