Weather Report:

I am neither old nor young, neither singing nor dancing, neither fat nor thin, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither accomplished nor inexperienced, neither happy nor sad, neither whole nor dejected… I am neither-nor. A being in states of being. A person in persons. Flowing, growing and moving but not particularly in just one clear and decided path or direction. In attempt to find my place in a world of giants and greats and smarts, I struggled with who I genuinely am. Couldn’t fit me in the standards; couldn’t reach the bars though I bleed, and try, and alter whatever can be altered. Standards are often too high, too impossible, too distant from me and where my heart is. I was in confinement, was strapped in fear, of not wanting to fail and achieve nothing which the world tells me is everything. The pressure caught on, killed my true ambitions. I forgot that I am my own mould, my own character, my own spirit, that I am my own. I am neither perfect nor good enough, for me, I decide it. I say when, I say what, I say how, I say I can do it. I SAY AND DO.

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