Being Naive

I find it so odd and outrageous that there are individuals who can act all smug and unaffected after causing someone else any form of disrespect, hurt or injustice; that some people can so very easily laugh over the most trivial things seconds after the damage has been done; that they get to sleep, breathe and function without any regret or remorse or shame tugging at their sleeves. I cannot wrap my brain around people like these. I also cannot fathom how most of us just brush off being treated so poorly and being disrespected as if such deeds are but part of any mundane existence and therefore deserve no more of our attention or thought or time. And I just cannot contemplate how we manage to “operate” normally as if things are okay, as if we are okay. I never know how to do such a thing, never succeed in pretending that I’m “fine” with it. Call me naive. Call me inflexible. Someone did call me too sensitive and overly-dramatic over these sentiments. But the question is, should these smug, unaffected pain-inducing individuals just be allowed to exist in their horrible ways without making them know and realize that they’ve hurt and offended others? Can’t they be trampled with simply because they’re considered “superior” to someone else by norms of socio-politics? Should we all just go feigning our emotions, pretending none of the awful things actually happened because we’re afraid of losing our jobs, connections and what not? Is this what being mature entails? Honestly, I’d rather keep my sensitive, overly-dramatic, and childish self over being so downright enduring and pretentious. I can’t fake it ’til I make it. How can I even make it when certain people pull me down, dampen my spirits and steal my joy on a daily basis? It’s just not healthy, living such a lie. Or maybe it’s just simpleton me acting brave when most people believe and are convinced that I can’t afford to be this way. At least, not now, not yet

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