There is much worry in my heart right now. There is a huge space for fear and anxiety and depression. I am after all very distant from the people who need me at present, my sister and my dad. Try as I might, imagine as I could, I won’t be able to reach them with my bare hands. I won’t be able to make them feel that I am there with them. My presence is but an invisible, almost intangible existence. This fact hurts. This fact cannot be helped. Deep down, I feel helpless, hapless and incompetent. But in this trying situation, God is still good. I still get to hear my dad joke about his condition. My sister and I are able to communicate and gather strength from each other. I still see God’s hands moving people into helping us. I still have friends who lend a hand, who empathize, who offer prayers and even provide me with distractions. I am still reminded, that God is in control. That there isn’t anything to fear. That all is and will be well. That healing will come. That all things through Christ are possible. Thank goodness, thank God.

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