RIP Robin Williams

I remember one shopper who made jokes while paying for his groceries. I don’t remember his lines at all but I won’t forget that he made me smile that dreary Sunday night. He’s a stand-up comic who throws jokes and punches in small bars. He’s been at the job for years and years and it’s never enough to keep him afloat but he does not intend to stop doing it. Because he loves making his audience happier for a moment. Because there’s nothing quite like a crowd bursting into laughter in unison. Because the mutual experience livens up any dark night. Because his audience makes him feel as though his psychological and emotional problems are just silly stories or trivial things that happen to him or anyone else and everything’s okay. After each show, however, he returns to the depressed individual he actually is. No more lights, no more mics, no more patrons. I think I was out of words to comfort him. I think I just told him keep doing what gives him peace or purpose or pride or something near that. Come to think of it, we are all just humans bearing the brunt of daily life. Not even the funniest or smartest of us can escape the shadows and the monsters that individually haunt us whether asleep or wide awake. Time and again, we see that fame, money, power and riches are not enough to fill the void that keeps us hollow, unhappy and dissatisfied with the lives we live. I’m just sad. Really, really sad that Robin chose to leave us when we all believe he has more to give and more to live on and for.

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