Olive Green Eyes

Today I met someone. He has the brightest eyes and the widest grin. He can barely be bothered for a chat with all that running, and jumping, and ambling around grass or dirt or cement. He takes things with utter dedication. If he does happen to spare you a glance, he looks at you straight as if those olive green eyes contain a message that needs serious deciphering. Like there’s something else being communicated aside from “I know you’re not like me” and “welcome”. Judging by your behavior and appearance, I’m sure you’d make women cry. Give it time, sweetheart and you’d find out. You’d interest them because you seem cold but sensitive on the inside. Because you seem so genuine, so honest, and so hard to get to. Hope you learn not to want to play with their hearts, and never actually do, though the odds aren’t on your favour. Take after your parents. I think they’re the greatest example of how parents ought to be and how married people ought to be. Committed, responsible, together-together, two hands of a clock in synch always. They even devise strategies on how to explain the rationale behind boxing and why such a cruel sport is allowed public consumption. I’m just really glad I met you, and your parents, and your brother, and your playmates. You filled me with joy, dear child. I swam into your world for minutes and days and months just through those olive green “ojos”. So much await you, so many days of play and wonder and joy. Linger there, save happy thoughts and memories in your baseball cap and short pockets. For eventually life will reveal dark skies and heavy sights. Look back, then, and keep your olive green eyes hopeful and smiling and bright-green.

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