Sunsets At the Park

I have been thinking about old age. I see so many elderly people living alone. They do groceries by themselves several times a week. They walk their dogs and spend sunsets at the park. They sit at the front porch watching passersby move. Some females continue to wear heavy make-up and revealing clothes. And they share stories with just about anyone. They like talking to strangers like me. They appreciate that people listen to them. I’m happy for them because they mostly say that they chose to grow old just by themselves. That they spared someone else the heartache and trouble of changing to suit their tastes. They always smile and seem very strong and capable of living and surviving the solitary life. These are good things, right? But why do I always end up feeling sad after we bid each other good bye? Why do I look back as they walk away and feel the need to cry? Why. 

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