Last Year’s April

Funny how feelings seem so important at the instant they are being felt, when they are brewing within us. They seem so crucial, so critical and life-threatening. But really, in the grand scheme of things, all our emotions, all our doubts, all our fears, all things that haunt us, are transitory. None of them matter that life would entirely depend on them. All things come to pass. Emotions blow over, feelings change, people move on and forget. We are beings capable of adapting, of evolving, of changing, of loving better. I’m just hoping that as things come to pass, I get honed into someone with a bigger heart, a wider understanding, a calmer, more forgiving soul. I am no saint, I am far from perfect and there would be instances when ‘difficult’ moments in life would make me put on my defenses and be selfish. I could indeed be the greatest witch or bitch. I may, indeed, seem pathetic and pitiful. But ultimately, why wallow? People may have hurt me but that’s no reason to hurt them too. For as much as it is hard to let things go and just let things be, fighting a useless cause isn’t the act of a person trying to love and live better. I would always end up regretting many of my misses, I would forever hold myself responsible for such slips and stupid mistakes. But maybe, I should also forgive myself for they seemed dear, and true, and sincere, at the time I was in such phases. There could only be learning. And there is only time that heals. So yeah, things too, shall pass.

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