(March 04 – Weather Report)

I wish today the words would come and parade themselves raging against the cold and dead of night. I wish words would fall from the sky as effortlessly as snowflakes dancing with the wind. I want to catch words as if they’re dreams on transit, in movement, in reality. I want them to envelop me and keep me snuggled warm for words are all I’ve got. I need them to resonate within a heart that’s been hardened by more words, by other words, by words I caught and/or stitched. If in case my life amounts to none, may there be words to fill my heart and fool my mind that I did cost much. That there was life as conveyed by words, by my mouth, by my hand, by my soul. I wish for words ’cause slowly, I hear myself growing silent, keeping mum and wanting just that. And be only that. 

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