In Time, Come.

When you come, I promise to be the person who stays by your side; who allots time and exerts effort to be with you; who wouldn’t sleep ’til we are okay; who attempts cooking your favorites; who would learn about your hobbies and be brave enough to try things uncomfortable or feared or new with you; who would support you when the entire world says you can’t; who would supply you with happy thoughts and beautiful memories; who would shout how much you mean to me; who would hold you close even if you smell from basketball or soccer practice; who would bite her tongue to quit nagging; who would call you to wake you up or remind you about important dates and events; who would be your light when it’s dark; who would be your honest companion; who would be the best version of herself so you could be the best version of you. I want to cry now, knowing how much my heart longs to meet you though I’m not yet ready. Allow me some more time to clean up my act, to establish myself again, to rebuild my dreams and my character. Then come and meet me and stay. ‘Cause I will. I will. In time, my love. In time. =) 

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