When You Know, You Know.

Yen’s Weather Report:

They say when it comes to love, you know when you know. It’s a muddy concept in theory but reality says otherwise. In some form of epiphany, love proves itself true and worthy. Perhaps while holding a person’s hand, or upon watching elder couples dining happily together, or as one sits alone in a crowded train. Perhaps the realization would hit like lightning, or it could come as a gentle breeze tugging at the heart strings. It may appear in togetherness or absence, in moments of joy or pain. Indeed, when you know you know. Against doubt or queries or disbelief. But as much as we wish for nothing short of positive epiphanies, they don’t always materialize that way. Sometimes, despite sincere efforts to fit love in, it just doesn’t. It may only be taking up space, may simply be out of place in the manner everything else operates. And even if you want to keep the person, the person has or deserves to go. You know, when you know, that no amount of hope could ever make it work. You’ll know, when you know. 

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