Shall We?

Been staring at the ceiling for minutes now since we parted ways. I feel frozen, in the moment, in the feel, with the butterflies in my stomach, with the chills in my spine. Over and over I play in my head how the night went. And it was nothing unusual but I don’t feel usual. My normal self would have gone a hundred miles past the real speed we’re going. My ordinary hands would have built defenses and blocked you out. My typical feet would have left when you got close.  But I stayed, wrapped my unsure arms tight in a hug in your built that seemed so strong and I so puny. Days before, I have imagined tonight to be so awkward, so irritatingly weird and forced. And it just wasn’t. Fact is, I feel so light, like I could take flight. Like I can take another fall from all this high. Taking a chance must have paid off. Who knows for certain? I mean, nothing ever is, or ever will be, definite. And although  whatever this is may just be a transitory, ceasing idea, I want to let you know that I’m in. Let’s see this through, shall we? That beautiful walk home and the winter cool have intoxicated me enough to believe that we are worth a shot. And if in the end  this turns out to be just another page in my book, I wouldn’t have regrets. For tonight, in those quiet alleys, we were special.

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