These speakers are blasting my ears off. Been banging my head a little, dancing and singing on the inside to the music that only I hear. Subway peeps must know I’m in a different place. These subway rides are like being on a trance. There is no other time in any day that can kindle in me the feel of being alone. This personal, this intimate with my thoughts. For some reason, the bumpy, noisy traverse has become like therapy. Around me is a crowd of multicultural descent, of differences, of strangeness. I feel most alone, most myself. For twenty-five minutes, I get into a memory capsule or some sort of wander off experience. I feel free and apart from where my feet really are. It’s abandonment. It’s an escape, a reprieve. I’m not making much sense, I know. But these subway rides mean a dang lot to me right now. Need them.

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