Friday comes and everyone on the subway seems relieved. Tomorrow’s gonna be the start of a long weekend; Monday being Thanksgiving and a holiday, of course. Made me think now, what should I feel thankful for? The list isn’t very long, my head says; but my heart says otherwise. For I’ve gotten very blessed the past weeks… I feel like my dreams are taking shape again, that possibilities are very potent and beyond mere perception. And for people, I feel thankful for the people around me. It’s like they’re helping me gain my self-esteem back if it was ever lost or misled into thinking that I’m useless and stupid. I’m not just thankful for each penny or dime. I’m thankful for the chances I’ve been given. How could I ever deny the presence of God above when I always get placed where I grow and see more clearly? It’s funny and almost unbelievable how I got to where I am now. This is no high ground, no fancy place, no mighty space,  but I feel elated. I feel like walking on air in my mom’s old, almost worn out boots. I’m walking… and the capacity to move is something to be grateful for.

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