I Learned Your Name

So after weeks and weeks of being around you, today I finally learned your name, the real one. Been meaning to know it for some minor stalking and googling. But was it really just your name I was interested in? Nah, it’s you, more of you. Like the kinds of music you listen to, the songs you play on repeat, or the food you could never resist. Perhaps it’s your story I wanna hear about. The stuff you’ve kept hidden, the trials you’ve weathered, the pains you’ve endured…the women. šŸ™‚ Perhaps I want to memorize your scent and the way your eyes fixate a glance, the crookedness of your nose… The many little things that create the composite you… And maybe, ultimately, I wanna find out if my kind of silly, my sorts of errors, my very quirks, jive well with yours. Perhaps I want to start testing possibilities again. Maybe I want a chance with all that this is and all that this isn’t. I wanna know more than your name. I wanna hear more of our banters and figure out our quiet too, along the way.Ā  In reality, I don’t even know the color of your eyes or the huge difference between our heights. But all these things that I know not about you make me long for tomorrow. When I get to see you and add up to who you are to me. Learning your name, was a nice start, me thinks. šŸ™‚

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