My Fake Future Wedding

Today, my co-workers planned my fake future wedding to another co-worker. Apparently, since the wedding will transpire between me and that guy,  it would be the most frugal wedding the world has ever seen! We’d have wedding gifts in the form of food and utensils, a borrowed bride’s dress, recycled office materials for decor, gifted hotel accommodations and transportation services. Most things were pretty much covered within a span of 45 minutes and gazillions of frenzied laughs. The issue of where we’d live and having kids got brought up too! It was crazy and silly and fun. Haven’t laughed that hard in months! That was just epic. Thank God for the chance to be with this bunch of people.  Though my being in that workplace was purely due to chance, almost accidental, I feel like I belong there somehow.  Like, I’m meant to be with this group of people, cramped in a service car, laughing. What a day! =)

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