Tell Me

Tell me there are things worth believing in. That hope can still spring eternal. Well there’s this crisis involving chemical weapons in Syria, pork barrel scam and MILF hostage-taking in my home country, little girls dying from sexual abuses after marrying young in Yemen, married dating is allowed and encouraged, and a thousand other f*cked up situations that exist and prove this world has gone horribly crazy. Tell me that peace and love and faith are not just abstract concepts.  Or are they like dinosaurs that have gone instinct and are perceivable only in pictures now? Why is there a shortage of goodness and kindness in the world? How come the real fine things in life happen to be so rare nowadays? I mean, come on, do we even want to hear the news? It’s general knowledge that nothing in the world seems to be going right. Instead of getting out there, involved, we opt to post our feelings on Facebook or snap a selfie on Instagram instead. Perhaps a Kardashian or Honeybooboo fix can make things seem better. You know, more procrastination and glamour. Our reality, in this day and age, has gotten too hard to face. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just too damn hungry.

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