I often get told by people I meet for the first time that there’s someone they know that I’m a spitting image of. They would even give me the double-take, then ask about my roots, like where I was born or who my parents are. They eventually realize that whoever it is they know isn’t related to me, and that we’re practically just strangers in existence. I get that, A LOT! In response, I kid around and admit how “generic” my face is. They buy it and I believe it halfheartedly. But you know what’s weird? When you, yourself, see “you” in someone else, physically and characteristically. Maybe there’s some truth to cosmic twins? Or not only do I have a generic face, I also happen to have a generic being! Sucks, don’t you think? Awkward. I end up sort of stalking my “cosmic” twin and figure out if I like me based on her.


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